A recent study revealed that smart users are not interested in keep using their old model handsets as they can buy latest technology handsets at affordable prices. KeyMontiro monitors Facebook and Instagram activities of the monitored device users by logging keystrokes, recording voice messages and chats, and capturing screenshots of social networking activities. Users have the luxury to choose the 14-day trial version of this application before deciding to purchase the full version. The version is enhanced but still restricted in many ways. There are still many ways which can help predators to exploit your kids over the internet. Designed to help schools reach families by whatever communication method they prefer, this app allows parents to check and respond to messages and stay on top of school and classroom activities. This feature allows a parent to view their kid’s phone gallery. One negative here is that an ongoing phone conversation gets muted and one can’t alert the person on the other side.

Q: How do I make sure my kid gets permission before downloading and purchasing content? You’ll be able to see the visited sites to assess whether the content viewed was safe or clean. All the content of the emails composed via the target iOS devices such as iPhone/iPad can be accessed and recorded by iKeyMonitor. The only requirement for iKeyMonitor is that the GPS must be activated in the settings of the target phone. Also, and this is critical, you and your targeted children must be on the same iCloud account. Just enter the Apple ID and password of the device you want to monitor and you’re instantly monitoring the targeted device. All you need is the Apple ID DriveSmart, which mutes incoming texts and sends calls directly to voicemail; and DriveScribe, which monitors teen driving and rewards safe driving habits. Unlike other apps, the app rewards kids with bonus time for completing tasks and chores. But only use the tool to spy on your kids and any other varied reasons that conform with the law. Geo-locate device – know where your kids are at all times. Do you need to know what your child is doing in his/her spare time and what happens without your knowledge? Monitor social media in real time! So that you can monitor the progress of your collaboration with the social media L.A.

The feature monitors activities of social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp. It can take the screenshots from any app ranging from emails to even social messengers such as Hike or WhatsApp. Even the calls of made from your child’s phone can be recorded and screenshots of your kid’s phone screen can be taken. You can even monitor what is typed on Apple ID. The number of preferred screenshots can be even adjusted by you. secforlife can capture screenshots and then send them to your Hoverwatch account. Screenshots of the iPhone/iPad can be captured from time to time using this spy app for iOS device. Speed comparisons based on peak time average speeds vs our standard broadband (10 Mbps). How much time does your favorite child spend on its Android phone or tablet? Besides, the phone numbers of the contacts and date of the messages are recorded as well, which ensures better understanding. Besides, a big disadvantage of this Android parental control app is the inability to block defined callers.